Which sites are supported at the moment?

The product inspection feature supports Aliexpress ,  Alibaba,  Cj Dropshipping, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest and Etsy. The store finder feature supports all inspection websites plus Walmart, Shopify stores, Woocommerce stores and Lazada.

What is the purpose of the software?

It is used to give a strong indication of the saturation level of the product within the market. E.g the more stores selling a given product on Aliexpress, the more saturation it is likely to be, thus making it harder to make money with.

I don’t want the software to conduct a search when i’m just browsing on a supplier or retailer website?

To the top right of the extension you will see an ON/OFF slider. 

toggle the slider to turn it off and to stop conducting inspections. It should look like this when turned off – 

Why doesn’t my store URL show up for a product I have on my store?

This could be due to a few different factors. Firstly, you’ve only just added the product to your store and so it hasn’t yet indexed in google. Secondly, you may have a slightly different variation of the product on your store, and so our algorithms recognize it as being different.

Different supplier for the same product show different search results – why is this?

This is because different suppliers have slightly different variations of the same product (E.g – different shape, color, size etc..), therefore the software will count these as different products, meaning that search results may vary depending on the supplier/ product page you use.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to the CompetitonMeter website and Log into your account. On your account page you will see a Cancel or Cancel Subscription button. Click it and follow the steps from there.